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Welcome to Noura

How does one squeeze forty five years of history into a paragraph?

Nader Bou Antoun and Jocelyne Bou Antoun’s restaurant adventure began in the early phases of ethnic tensions of Lebanon in 1970. The family focus was not on the battlefield but in the kitchen mastering the culinary craft while Nader passionately pursued mastery of management and hospitality.

Their early success and struggles led them to expand in 1980 and introduce the Lebanese culinary experience to the world in Paris. Building into a multiple location Parisian operation naturally led to further expansion in London in 2000 and what Nader calls his three gems; Kingston, Curzon Street in Mayfair and the neighborhoods delicatessen in Knightsbridge are Nader and Jocelyne’s pride and joy.

Celebrating 20 years in 2019

“Treat each day at work as your first”, Nader always reminds his team of busboys, waiters, managers, caterers and kitchen operation. He eccentrically uses the metaphor for ‘yeast in bread-making’ to make his point about attention to detail and customer service.
“Just as a few grams of yeast is the driving force behind fermentation that gives a loaf of bread its texture and fullness; attention to the smallest details of the customer’s experience is what turns a wonderful meal into beautiful, shared memory.

The baton of leadership is now shared with his two sons Majed and Hani while his wonderful wife and matriarch Jocelyne keeps the financial machinery in perfect working order. Even his daughter Nada, who is a successful interior designer gets involved by overseeing design and marketing initiatives.


16 Curzon Street
London, W1J 5HP


16 The Triangle
London, KT1 3RT


12 William Street
London, SW1X 9HL

Lebanese Desserts

There is no better way to top off a great meal than with a tasty dessert and once you have tried Lebanese sweets you will never go back

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