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Last Minute Events and Delivery

We deliver all around London with different minimum spends for each area postcode; delivery is free of charge if the minimum order for delivery is met. You can pay through a variety of different methods; the well-dressed and presentable Noura drivers are trained to explain the food and how it should be presented, they also always carry card machines to make payments as easy as possible. We have a variety of company cars or vans which means that we have the ability to cater to variety of different events.

We can cater to last minute events; please contact us for further enquiry. For those who like to create and host their own parties we can provide ingredients upon your request; raw or partially prepared which gives you the opportunity to make the final touches at home and according to your taste.

W1 £30 SW1 £20 SW9 £50 NW1 £50 EC1 £65
W2 £40 SW2 £50 SW10 £35 NW3 £60 EC2 £65
W3 £90 SW3 £25 SW11 £50 NW5 £65 EC3 £70
W4 £80 SW4 £65 SW12 £70 NW6 £60 EC4 £70
W8 £40 SW5 £60 SW13 £80 NW8 £60 SE1 £40
W9 £65 SW6 £60 SW16 £90 N1 £80 SE5 £50
W10 £65 SW7 £25 SW17 £85 WC1 £65 SE11 £60
W11 £70 SW8 £35 SW18 £80 WC2 £65 SE17 £70
W14 £75 E1 £70

The table sample shows the minimum order for the postcodes around London which also indicates the minimum spend for free delivery. For other postcodes or outside the region; we always cater for events around the UK, please contact us directly for a quote.

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